Why this Scorecard?

A Maturity Assessment Tool, built by industry — for industry

Some will ask: “We do DJSI and CDP – and use that data to benchmark ourselves – so why should we use this Scorecard?”


A short answer: Instead of doing all these external ratings for other people, do one for yourselves – to drive value creation at your company.


The key is to pick your spots – where to invest in driving your sustainability progress — from Good to Great.


Here is what your peer companies who use this Scorecard say (including in their own words):

  • Aligned with Investor Interests (and TCFD): The many external ESG rating schemes focus predominantly on a company’s environmental and social impacts – with hardly any focus on governance or strategy. (DJSI has one section on Economic Dimension – but it is very weak on governance and almost non-existent on strategy.) This Scorecard aligns perfectly with TCFD – with the dominant focus on Governance, Strategy, Risk, Metrics.” 
  • Private – Not Public: Unlike DJSI and all the external, public ratings where the goal is to maximize our score, this Scorecard is private – designed for self-improvement. “We can be brutally candid in our scoring, knowing the data is completely confidential. No other company will see our ratings.”
  • Global Best Practices: This entire Scorecard – the 17 elements, the ~150 KSIs, and all the (Stage 1 to Stage 4) rating criteria are built from actual company best practices over 20 years. “This Scorecard is an organized compendium of world-class practices globally. We like seeing concrete examples of companies that are in Stage 3 or Stage 4 on areas highly relevant to us.”
  • Board-Friendly: With growing investor interest in ESG and sustainability, this Scorecard’s heavy focus on governance and strategy aligns with how our senior executives think and speak. “This Scorecard speaks the language of our C-suite and board; we showed them the rainbow chart and they loved it.” 
  • Internal Alignment – Gets Us On the Same Page: This Scorecard provides a very comprehensive, structured overview of sustainability/ESG. It gets everyone on the same page.Say the words sustainability or ESG to different people in our company and they all have a slightly different view of what’s included. Once we went through the Scorecard as a group, we all had a shared view.”