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  • On the Run? Don’t have time to review right now? Click here for downloadable file (Benchmarking Templates – November 2018) that has all of the rating criteria. Save it or print it. Fill in the two columns for your current ratings and assessment of “highly relevant” (~10% of the criteria) – and have a colleague update the assessment on line. This is especially helpful when multiple people from the company are involved in contributing to the company self-assessment.
  • New Book (“Sustainability: What It Is and How to Measure It“) published November 2018 by De Gruyter
  • “Analyze Your Results” — the detailed analytics are all in place
    • Compare your company to “all companies” (~65+); or to just your Industry Sector or Sub-Sector
    • View ~200+ bar charts, rainbow charts and other analytics for every company –  four levels of detail
  • Select a “Join” option
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    • Option C = Custom
  • Additional companies will be invited to participate starting in Q4 2018


A key aspect of The Corporate Sustainability Scorecard is ensuring the confidentiality of your company data.

  • No other company sees your ratings.
  • In the data analysis, we only show information by industry sector, sub-sector, or other grouping if data for at least six companies is being compared.
  • Since companies want to know who you are being compared with for benchmarking purposes, you simply agree that we list the name of your company as a participant – as part of our User Agreement.