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  • Latest Blog: ESG Oversight Lessons from the PG&E Bankruptcy Filing: Where External ESG Ratings Fall Short – and Why
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Your Input Please: 2019 KSI Edits
    • Each year we tweak the rating criteria (KSIs) with a goal of constantly sharpening and simplifying.
    • In 2018, we eliminated 10 KSIs and tightened the criteria
    • Attached here is the current working draft of proposed changes to make in Q2-2019. Please review and provide input to Gib
  • Official Launch – January 1, 2019
    • Special offering continues for the ~60 “Founding Participants” – as we invite new participants
    • 35 of the 60 Founding Participants have joined a 1:1 website tutorial with Gib during Q4 2018
    • 100% of those joining a tutorial have enthusiastically responded
    • 10 of the 60 Founding Participants are no longer able to participate (company sold, merged, etc.)
  • Excel Scoring Option
    • Click here for an Excel Scoring Worksheet – to complete at your leisure, and Gib will send you one.
    • Helpful when multiple people from the company are involved.
  • New Book (“Sustainability: What It Is and How to Measure It“) published November 2018 by De Gruyter
  • “Analyze Your Results” — the detailed analytics are all in place
    • Compare your company to “all companies” (~65+); or to just your Industry Sector or Sub-Sector
    • View ~200+ bar charts, rainbow charts and other analytics for every company –  four levels of detail
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