Compare to TCFD, DJSI, Etc.

Don't let external ESG ratings dictate your strategy. Craft your strategy to deliver value.

Compare and Contrast: See how different external ratings fit with the business practices in this Scorecard - and with each other..

Remember - the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard was built by industry - for industry. Every component of the Scorecard is a practice leading companies actually do - and initiated on their own to drive business value.

Two Viewing Options:
  • By External Rating: Select an individual external rating - and see the extent to which it addresses the corporate practices represented in this Scorecard.
    • Currently Available: TCFD  - DJSI - CDP - ISS - MSCI - SASB - Sustainalytics 
    • Others to Consider: Barrons - Bloomberg - Corporate Knights (Global 100) - Newsweek Green Rankings - FTSE4Good
  • By Scorecard Element: Select an individual element of the Scorecard - and see how some of the different ratings compare and contrast. (Coming Soon)

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Executives from global corporations who would like access to the Scorecard, or would like to learn more about it, should contact Gib Hedstrom.

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What are the best few articles about Sustainability that I should send to the CEO?

I am often asked the question above. Depending on the circumstances, industry sector, stage of (sustainability) maturity, etc., here is some of my recommended reading. Currently under development; below is a start.

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We offer a free sample rating that provides a “sneak preview” of how your company stacks up. Then we invite you to explore how to join to get access to the full Scorecard and related tools that will enable you to enhance your company’s sustainability strategy and performance.

Do your Free Sample Rating

The 20 Key Sustainability Indicators (KSIs) below were selected from a total of about 170 indicators in the full Scorecard. Consider these as your own “leading sustainability indicators” that will define, in general terms, where your company stands today. How to do a rating? Just move the slider bar to the “correct” spot. (Available ratings are at the full stages and halfway between each stage.) Optional Check Boxes: There are two "check boxes" under each Key Sustainability Indicator:
  • Not applicable: Click only if this Key Sustainability Indicator is absolutely not relevant to your company or industry.
  • Highly relevant / significant to my company. Click if you believe that this particular Key Sustainability Indicator is especially critical for your company. We recommend that no more than 10 percent of all KSIs be checked in this way.
Best Practices: Under each Key Sustainability Indicator that you rate your company on, there is a blue "Best Practices" box. Click here to see several examples of a Stage 3 or Stage 4 practice. Note: if you would like to suggest an additional best practice example (from your company or a peer company) you will see an opportunity to do that.

How It Works

Why not Think about Sustainability the Way your Board does?

The Scorecard enables you to rate your progress in four fundamental areas:
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Strategy and Execution
  • Environment Stewardship
  • Social Responsibility
Across those four areas, the Scorecard has 17 Elements, each supported by a detailed Scorecard Template, which can be seen when you get started. Within each of the 17 Scorecard elements, individual templates define the development stages of key sustainability indicators (KSI) – based on our experience with companies over the past 30 years. [scorecard_graphic intro="Hover over the different parts of the graphic below to explore the different aspects of the scorecard."] To get started using the scorecard, try our Free Sample Rating. Get started


50 Board Meetings . . . One Question

In our experience, having participated in over fifty Fortune 500 Board of Directors meetings, there is always one question the independent sustainability advisor is asked: “How do we stack up?” The Corporate Sustainability Scorecard was developed for CEOs and board members to answer that question – and to provide C-suite executives with a framework for taking action. This simple tool measures progress on your company’s sustainability journey and helps you to plan strategically. The Corporate Sustainability Scorecard™ C-suite rating system is a comprehensive assessment and planning tool. Executives use the Scorecard to answer three simple questions:
  1. How do we stack up today (on a one-to-four maturity scale) vis-à-vis sustainability – compared with:
    • Competitors and other peer companies?
    • Best practices today?
    • Where leaders are heading?
  2. Where do we want to be tomorrow – given the competitive landscape, our own ambitions and the speed needed to win in the marketplace?
  3. How do we get from here to there?
Since 1999, ~100 major companies globally have used the Scorecard to shape strategic conversations and set priorities. It is a logical, structured framework that speaks the language of the CEO and board.


Update Your Self-Assessment

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To edit your self-assessment:

Just click on “Edit this Submission” button below.
  • Add or revise your "Highly Relevant to my Company" ratings. This is especially important! It triggers reporting that will be of value to you.
  • Fill in any missing ratings (ones you clicked "Don't Know" or perhaps clicked "N/A" on the first pass).

On the run? Don't have time to do this right now?

  • Click here for an Excel Scoring Worksheet – to complete at your leisure, and Gib will send you one.
    • This is especially helpful when multiple people from the company are involved in contributing to the company self-assessment.
  • Click here for a downloadable file (Benchmarking Templates - March 2019).
    • Save it or print it.
    • Fill in the two columns for your current ratings and assessment of "highly relevant" (~10% of the criteria).
  • If you use the Excel or PDF formats, have a colleague update the assessment on line.
For "founding participants" ( those ~60 companies that completed the initial Scorecard by February 2018) here is a "Tracked" version - that shows the main changes made since February 2018 (content changes are highlighted in RED font and notation of KSIs that have been deleted / merged with others to eliminate redundancy).