Announcing Enhancements Starting October 1, 2019: Updated Join Options

We listened to you! During August and September 2019, we had 1:1 calls with >25 active users of the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard – and active participants in the Sustainability Benchmarking Collaborative. Those discussions have shaped the new join options.


Download Now: “Sustainability Benchmarking Collaborative: The Corporate Sustainability Scorecard Subscription Service”


The updated Join Options, depicted in the table below, go into effect October 1, 2019. All three options are based on an annual agreement, starting on the date of clicking the Join button below.

À La Carte Selections

A series of “a la carte” selections – packaged with any of the three Join Options – provide the chance to gain an external perspective on your ratings and improvement priorities. Active Scorecard users have invited Gib to join internal meetings:

  • Web-based chat to review our ratings
  • Discussions with our “ESG Core Team”
  • Join a meeting with a key internal team
  • Join executive presentations (e.g., ESG Council)

A fixed fee of $250/meeting will cover the variety of requests above.

You can always change your selection, So – you can click the Option B (Basic) one now and then decide on Option C (Advanced) after you learn more.

How Does Our Company Compare?

For Further Information

If you have any questions about the Join options, would like access to the Scorecard, or want to learn more about it,  please email Gib Hedstrom.

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