Founding Members

Founding Members are invited to participate and help to shape the offerings for ongoing involvement with the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard.

  • Timeframe: October 2017 through April 2018
  • Companies Invited:
    • Current and past clients of Hedstrom Associates
    • Participants in the 2015 Pilot described earlier on this website
    • Members of the following Conference Board Councils (except consulting firms):
      • Chief Environment, Health & Safety Officers’ Council
      • Sustainability Council I: Strategy and Implementation
      • Sustainability Council II: Innovation and Growth
      • Europe Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Council (Uwe Schulte, Program Director)
  • Current Status (as of February 10, 2018):
    • ~65-70 Companies Invited (all Fortune 500 or equivalent size)
    • 60 have completed their Company Self-Assessment
  • Actions and Involvement of Founding Members:
    • Complete initial Company Self-Assessment
      • Provide comments on overall system and specific rating criteria
      • Help shape refinements to the Scorecard
    • Edit their initial Company Self-Assessment
      • Using updated refinements to the rating criteria (only ~5-10% of criteria changed)
      • Adding / modifying use of the “Highly Important / Relevant to my Company” button
        • The goal is roughly 10-20% of (the 157) Key Sustainability Indicators would be marked as “Highly Important”
        • Actual practices on initial Self-Assessment varied considerably
      • Refining use of “NA” button – also using the new “Don’t Know” button
    • Add their Goal Setting – separate module on the web-site
    • Create their Gap Assessment
  • Help Shape Scorecard Joining Options
    • Participate in group discussions (e.g., Conference Board Council meetings)
    • Suggest specific input re benefits and associated costs for various options
  • Subscribe as of April 1, 2018 (selecting one of the three options below)
    • Option A: Basic Analysis (at 20% discount for first year)
    • Option B: Tailored Analysis (at 20% discount for first year)
    • Decline for now

The intent of the ongoing subscription fee is to cover: Hedstrom Associates’ basic costs associated with website development, upgrades and maintenance; analysis of all the data on from the Scorecards – including the web portal available in Option B; continuing updates of “best practice” company examples; researching and developing “Read” links for each best practice example – and maintaining those as current;  etc.

If you are interested in becoming a Founding Member, send an email to Gib Hedstrom.

Option A: Basic Analysis – “How do we stack up?”

Option A provides companies that subscribe detailed analysis that helps answer the question always asked by C-suite executives and Board members: “How do we stack up (vis-à-vis industry in general and our peer companies)?”

Time Period: Annual Subscription

Information Provided: Participants in Option A will receive, on a quarterly basis:

  • Information about participating companies:
    • Number of companies – with company names (updated quarterly)
    • Breakdown of companies that have completed a Self-Assessment (with data in the database)
      • by industry sector
      • by size (as appropriate – especially when smaller and medium-size companies start to participate)
  • Ratings Overall “How does my company stack up vis-à-vis industry in general?”
    • Breakdown of Ratings
      • Overall Score (your score and distribution of overall scores and scores in your peer group)
      • By Section (the  four broad sections of the Scorecard: Governance and Leadership; Strategy and Execution; Environmental Stewardship; and Social Responsibility)
      • By Element (the 17 “pages” on the rating tool – that fall within the four Sections above (e.g., Goals and Metrics, Strategic Planning, etc.)
      • By KSI (currently the 157 specific “Key Sustainability Indicators” that Scorecard users rate)
    • Analysis of KSIs
      • Marked as “Highly Important / Relevant to my Company”
      • Marked as “Not Applicable
  • Ratings for Your Industry Sector “How does my company stack up vis-à-vis our sector peers*?”
    • *Note: We will provide analysis by industry sectors (or sub-sectors) when there are six (6) or more companies in the peer group that completed the Scorecard.
    • Breakdown of Ratings (same detail as above – but this time by your company’s industry sector)
      • Overall Score
      • By Section
      • By Element
      • By KSI
    • Analysis of KSIs
      • Marked as “Highly Important / Relevant to my Company”
      • Marked as “Not Applicable
  • Ratings Across Industry Sectors “How does my sector stack up vis-à-vis other sectors?”

OPTION A FORMAT FOR RECEIVING INFORMATION:  The Option A subscription will include:

  • Personalized Report for your company with the above information
    • Quarterly updates  – based on updated information (e.g., new companies, edited Scorecards, etc.)
  • Scorecard Templates: PDF file of the 17 Scorecard Templates, provided quarterly, highlighting any changes during the past quarter
  • Quarterly Webinars: Open to subscribers of Option A and Option B – to share insights and learn
  • Counseling: Two hours of time (via phone or web meeting) Gib (and team members as appropriate) spend with you and your team.
  • Scorecard Website Access: Continued access as Registered Users of

Option B: Tailored Analysis “How do we improve?”

Option B participants receive all of the benefits of Option A… plus much more. Option B offers highly tailored information that can be manipulated by the user. The main focus of Option B is to help companies answer the follow-on question, namely: “How do we actually improve – most efficiently and cost effectively?”

Time Period: Annual Subscription

Access to Online Web Portal: Members will benefit from direct access to a highly robust, interactive web portal that allows for dynamic analyses, downloadable reports, constantly updated.

  • Web Portal: the latest data from the Scorecard submissions will be uploaded weekly to our proprietary Scorecard Web Analysis Portal. This means any new or edited submissions will be constantly updated.
  • Robust Analysis: The portal provides the data that addresses all of the topics in Option A – plus much more. The Portal allows members to start with your priority issues, annual objectives, key “hot topics” and then learn from others how to improve – via dynamic analysis.
  • Dynamic Analysis: Rather than simply reading  the quarterly reports we provide in Option A, participants in Option B generate your own reports:
    • Select components to compare (companies, industry sectors, topics, etc.)
    • Adjust for ‘qualifying factors’ such as whether companies mark a particular KSI (Key Sustainability Indicator) as “Highly Relevant / Important to my Company
  • Downloadable Reports: Users can generate your own reports and download them.
  • Updated Weekly: Option A provides quarterly updates; Option B data is available 24/7 and is updated weekly.

For Further Information

Executives (e.g., chief sustainability officers and C-suite executives) from large global corporations who would like access to the Scorecard or would like to learn more about it, please contact Gib Hedstrom.

Individuals not currently employed at a Global 1000 company (or equivalent) are welcome to access the information available to the public on However, obtaining full access to the rating tool as a Registered User is not available at this time. This also applies to all consultancy firms and their executives.


The cost structure for 2018 will be available by December, 2017.

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