Option A: Clients of Hedstrom Associates

Clients of Hedstrom Associates have full electronic access to the rating tools on Individual access (user name and password) is provided to one or more Registered Users within your company, as requested. If you want access for additional individuals within your company, send an email to Gib Hedstrom.

Option B: Members of The Conference Board’s Sustainability Councils

Option B is open to paid members of The Conference Board’s member-only councils focused on sustainability. Currently, the following Conference Board councils* are included in this offering:

  • Sustainability Council I: Implementation and Execution (Gib Hedstrom, Program Director)
  • Sustainability Council II: Innovation and Growth (Gib Hedstrom, Program Director)
  • Chief EHS Officers’ Council (Gib Hedstrom & Jim Hendricks, Program Directors)
  • Europe Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Council (Uwe Schulte, Program Director)

* If you are a member of a Conference Board Council not listed above and would like to learn more, contact Gib Hedstrom. Note: This invitation is not open to consulting firm members of these Conference Board Councils.

Background: During our 2015 pilot initiative, many of the ~25 companies participating were members of one of these councils. They expressed a keen desire to leverage the Scorecard between (and during) Conference Board Council meetings for benchmarking and dialogue.

Benefits Received: Members of these councils (not including consulting firm members) who request access as a Registered User will be provided:

  • Through December 31, 2017: Full access – at no charge – to The Corporate Sustainability ScorecardTM C-suite rating system. This includes electronic access to the complete set of rating tools on This full access requires individual log-in (user name and password), which will be provided to the Council Member of the councils noted above. Should you desire access for additional individuals at your company, contact Gib Hedstrom.
  • The Corporate Sustainability Scorecard™ Handbook, a ~75-page book, is your resource document to be used alongside your use of the website. Registered Users of the Scorecard have found the Handbook to be a helpful guide to “communicating about sustainability internally” with peers, C-suite executives, and the Board. The Handbook contains:
    • An introduction to each of the four parts of the Scorecard: Governance and Leadership; Strategy and Execution; Environmental Stewardship; and Social Responsibility
    • Details of all 17 Scorecard Templates
    • Lists of 200+ best practice company examples – aligned with each element of the Scorecard
    • The Corporate Sustainability Scorecard Handbook will be provided either as a downloadable pdf file or a separate Handbook for purchase at a modest price (to cover printing and shipping costs).

Ongoing Subscription Service: After January 1, 2018, members of The Conference Board Sustainability Councils will have the option to continue with full access to the Scorecard as it evolves/grows. The ongoing subscription will include:

  • Continued full access to the latest version of the on-line scorecard.
  • Access to any updates of the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard Handbook. (Note: it is envisioned that the Handbook content will be updated quarterly.)
  • Ability at any time to compare your own company rating with that of peers, i.e., the general population of companies that have completed a self-assessment.
  • Specific requests for information (within limit)

The intent of the ongoing subscription fee is to cover: Hedstrom Associates’ basic costs associated with website updates and maintenance; continuing updates of “best practice” company examples; researching and developing “Read” links for each best practice example – and maintaining those as current; and analysing the results of scorecard ratings, etc.

Option C: Other

Executives (e.g., chief sustainability officers and C-suite executives) from large global corporations who would like access to the Scorecard or would like to learn more about it, please contact Gib Hedstrom.

Individuals not currently employed at a Global 1000 company (or equivalent) are welcome to access the information available to the public on However, obtaining full access to the rating tool as a Registered User is not available at this time. This also applies to all consultancy firms and their executives.


The cost structure for 2018 will be available by December, 2017.

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