How It Works

Why not Think about Sustainability the Way your Board does?

The Scorecard enables you to rate your progress in four fundamental areas:

  • Governance and Leadership
  • Strategy and Execution
  • Environment Stewardship
  • Social Responsibility

Across those four areas, the Scorecard has 17 Elements, each supported by a detailed Scorecard Template, which can be seen when you get started.

Within each of the 17 Scorecard elements, individual templates define the development stages of key sustainability indicators (KSI) – based on our experience with companies over the past 30 years.

Hover over the different parts of the graphic below to explore the different aspects of the scorecard.

Stage 1
Most companies are at this stage – and may stay here for decades. They engage deeply with sustainability, report extensive data, but do not change their core business(es).
Stage 2
In every industry, a few companies have stepped out front in noteworthy ways to tackle the most material environmental or social issue(s) faced by their industry sector across the full value chain.
Stage 3
A few companies have made bold, significant investments in beginning to transform their core businesses to be more sustainable.
Stage 4
Very few companies (but there are some) are well down the path of transformation in aligning their full business model and core business processes with tomorrow’s circular economy.
Governance and Leadership
Company Purpose and Values
CEO and C-Suite Leadership
Board of Directors Leadership
Goals and Metrics
Culture and Organization
Stakeholder Engagement
Disclosure, Reporting, Transparency
Strategy and Execution
Strategic Planning
Innovation, Research & Development
Customers and Markets
Products, Services and Solutions
Environmental Stewardship
Environmental Footprint: Operations
Supply Chain - Environmental Impacts
Environmental Footprint: Products
Social Responsibility
Own Operations: Workplace
Supply Chain: Social Impacts
Community Investment

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