Whether you use the Scorecard (and the various subscription service options) for one hour or a thousand hours, your company will be able to answer the core questions on board members’ minds – and to help position your company to thrive in tomorrow’s cleaner, radically more efficient economy.

  1. Self-Assessment Module: Multiple people within your company can collaborate to rate where you think your company stands today.
  2. Benchmark Module: Select up to [NICK – your thoughts?] (__) competitors or peer companies and rate where you think they stack up.
  3. Best Practice Module: See current examples of best practices (defined as Stage 3 or Stage 4 practices) for each of the criteria in each of the 17 Scorecard Templates.
  4. Action Planning Module: Consider the three parts:
    • Goal Setting defines your desired position for each of the 17 elements – built up by rating your desired position on each of the criteria.
    • Gap Assessment helps you see the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.
    • Action Planning lists specific actions to be taken to close the gap from where you are today to where you want to be.

Joining Options

Option A: Self-Guided

Sustainability across the business landscape is changing rapidly. Consider all the research and insight published over the past six to twelve months byAccenture, McKinsey, Harvard Business Review, andSloan Management Review. You can stay on top of these developments by joining The Sustainability Scorecard.

Option B: Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Learning Network

You have seen again and again the value corporate sustainability leaders get from conversations and learning with industry peers: navigating similar challenges, sharing what has worked, reflecting on your own experiences, and more.

Option C: Hedstrom Associates Insights and Coaching

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel – or to slog your way up the learning curve when you can sprint there. We have been deeply engaged with sustainability since participating as a speaker at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. We have worked with over 100 companies globally – often on a continuing basis through the years. We meet three times each year with senior sustainability executives of about 100 companies on The Conference Board’s various sustainability councils.


Hardcopy of The Sustainability ScorecardHandbook: The ~75-page book is your resource document.

  • Stand-alone document with a helpful Introduction and Conclusion
  • Contains the latest updates to the templates and best practices

Full electronic access to the rating tools on

Quarterly updates to

  • 17 Scorecard Templates along with email describing what changed
  • Best-in-Class Company Examples

Join a peer learning network of other companies seriously pursuing sustainability.


Monthly 60-90 minute interactive webinars.

  • Schedule is set well in advance to lock in dates; and times scheduled to accommodate various time zones.
  • Members can invite colleague(s) from their company to participate.
  • Each webinar explores a specific element of governance, strategy and execution, environmental and/or social responsibility, e.g.,one of the 17 Scorecard Elements.
  • Members share challenges and insights about implementing strong practices in the area of discussion.
  • Participants contribute latest “best practice” examples.
  • Discuss best research, articles, and other resources.
  • The schedule and priority will be determined by the Peer Network members.

Monthly newsletters following each webinar – summarizing key discussion points.


Access the detailed set of Best-in-Class Company Examples, that track to the scorecard Key Performance Indicators, with quarterly updates


Critical analysis and review of your self-assessment ratings.

  • Probing to assess whether your ratings are consistent with how we view each Key Sustainability Indicator
  • Joint assessment of the “critical few” Key Sustainability Indicators (KSIs). Jointly with you, we will select, from the ~170 total KSIs, those that are most important for leverage at this particular stage of your company’s sustainability development
  • Gap Assessment

Coaching on how to get to the next stage.

  • What strategic questions should you be asking as you reflect on your self-assessment ratings?
  • Where are the key leverage points for your company?
  • Who you can learn from?

Quarterly conference calls with Gib Hedstrom (and other members of our team, as appropriate).


The cost structure is still under development.

For members signing up during 2014, we will offer a three-month trial period in addition to the 12-month membership.

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